June 15th 2019

“baumhaus was so good 👌🏼 cool vibe, nice people, the location was quite good too 👍🏼"

- M -

“It was so nice, people seems really happy everywhere I looked”

- A -


“Thanks for the great party ❤️”

- K -

"That was awesome! perfect line up from the beginning till the end 💚"

- M -

"It was sure a great night again, thank you 🙏"

 - M -

March 9th 2019

“Hi all. was a blast to celebrate my 59th bday with you all at baumhaus... loads of love 🤩”

- R- 


“It was an amazing night!!!“

- Guzy -


“Thanks so much!! it was such a nice evening”

- P -


“Baumhaus était top! 👌”

- O - 

“Everybody was having so much fun, the music was bombastic and the decoration was like in a fairy tale”


- L -

“Nice party Saturday…music was good, I liked it”

- T -


“Wanted to thank you for another wicked party - location, soundtrack, people all spot on! Everyone loved it.”

- R -

October 12th 2018

“ Thank you Baumhaus Zürich for the amazing night! See you soon 🙌”

- Dean Demanuele -

“ Thank you for your hospitality 🖤🙏. We had a really good time at baumhaus”

- Juli Lee -

“I am in love with the party!! So cool!”  

- V -

“Fantabulous, thank you 😊”  

- E -

“That’s was amazing! Thank you very much!!” 

- M -

“ The party was amazing! Can’t wait for the next one ;)”

- A -

“Very Nice party. Just the way I like it”

- R -

“So fun last night. Thank you guys. Everyone loved it. Such great energy that you both put into these parties. I'm still feeling it now. ❤❤”  

- R -

June 30th 2018

“Glitter Galaxy was a great trip for the soul! Loved it so much. Especially the UFOs in the trees!”

- E -

“Thank you baumhaus 😍🙏 the most lovely people who are responsible for this 🖤so much love. had the best time playing there... “

- Juli Lee -

“The party was just great! everybody had fun and was in a good mood :) soooo... THANKS! ❤... ah and the spaceships were just beyond cool!"

- N -

“Die Veranstaltung am letzten Samstag war grandios”

- Z -

"❤ danke es war toll bei euch coole crew und gaeste!"

- Manon -

“What a warm welcome on saturday, what a party, what a set, Fulmma!? Now trying to get back to normal life ….🕺”

- B -

“Merci pour hier soir ! C’était fou ! On a des paillettes partout”

- F -

“ I loved baumhaus once again!! I liked the lineup, everybody played very good … ”

- T -

May 19th 2018

Dear lovely Baumhauscrew..what a wonderful night this was..great people awesome beat and so much love!! I do appreciate all your love for details which you don’t find at any other party anymore ( fruit platters in the middle of the morning and especially the drinks served from charming Diana while waiting in the queue) you did an amazing job and I do hope to rock many many many more Baumhaus-Parties with you!!! Very well done guys - to be continued!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- S -

Thanks for throwing such a great party 💞 It was truly awesome and I will feel the energy for minimum two weeks 😂😘

- D -

My friends LOVED the whole night, half of them are still extatic about it, the other half dead

- R -

I just wanted to write to say thanks again for putting on such a great event Saturday, it was really something special. I’m looking forward to the next one 

- V -

Merci pour la soirée 🙂 Super souvenir de Zürich !

- N -

It was lots of fun 😘😘 truly great what you guys pull together there! 🤗

- I -

Continuez à nous faire des belles soirées remplies d’amour et d’humanité ♥♥♥♥

- Y -

What a great evening! Soooooo many cute ppl ThAnks for eeeeeeeeverything guys 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

- D -

Thanks again for the amazing party! So much effort 💪🏻🤗

- E -

“Party Was amazing last night... congrats 🎉🍾🎊

- P -

March 17th 2018

Thanks for another spectacular night out and all the work and love you put in to creating something so wonderfull and letting us take part of it 💜 


- C. & J. -

Thank you baumhaus crew and this beautiful crowd! what a great party!! 


- Geyst -

Thanks again for the nice party yesterday.  Loved the decoration, music and atmosphere you created 😍 


- M - 

Thank you so much i really enjoyed it a lot, for me all was perfect <3


- B -

What an amazing night! Thank you so much!!! 😍😍 


- V -

It was amazing! I loved the performance of both Fulmma and Luk Doma! Super powerful and joyful!!


- T -

Thanks again for the amazing party. It was such a great night :) Can't wait for the next baumhaus!

- Peter Müller -

Love your crew dear!!! Thanks for all and and and !!!


- Matija -

Merci encore pour la super soirée , c’était formidable :)


- Y -

Lovely party. I had really a good time. Looking forward for the next one :))


- P - 

it was a very cool party, with cool music and people.


- M -

February 16th 2018

Thank you also again for the Party! it was a really nice vibe, good People and good Music we enjoyed it a lot!   


"It was such a great party! So many good people were having a wonderful time raving together! Positive vibes and energies! Thank you for doing this."


- K -

Oh my... What a night! Once again, thank you so much! 🙃

- M -

Thank you! Was cool to play at baumhaus. So many friendly people

Trickyjones -

The party was outstanding! Thank you very much. There were so many good people! It was an amazing night. Looking forward to the next baumhaus.

- S -

Big thank to you, we had a great time with you (and especially the live performance nailed it!)

- A -

oohhh what a fantastic party... massive success!

- B -

Thanks for inviting us... it was wonderful music and wonderful people, really nice party

- J -

December 31st 2017

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this.I had so much fun with you guys!!! Thank you for everything.

- Chi-Kur -

"Wow!!! Such an amazing night! Great music great crowd! Made loads of friend's ❤ love you guys so much. Thank you thank you thank you."


- R. -

"Just wanted to say thank you, it was a great party again. Super music and people. Sry I didn't say goodbye, after 10 hours i had no power left ..."


- M. -

"Thank you so much for having us at baumhaus, it was the perfect cozy party to close a beautiful, eventful year and start an even more exciting one!"


- I. -

"Thank you so much for the party was amazing. The people were nice, the location was cute and the decoration was perfect."


- A. -

September 30th 2017

"Thank you so much for everything! The little key found a special place in my apartment and every time I look at it I think of a great night, where I met so many beautiful people. I definitely want to know more about the next Baumhaus Party, or anything else that might come up ;-)."


- M. -

"Grossartige Location, grossartige, liebevolle Deko, grossartige Crowd und viel Glitzer... vielen Dank für den tollen Abend!❤️  "


- Marc (Juen & Bach) -

"A big big Thank you for this great great event! It was such a lovely, inspiring and crazy day and night. Thank you so much for the organisation and the effort you put in. I think everyone could see the love and passion you have for what you are doing. The sound was amazing..."

- V. -

"Merci encore pour l’incroyable soirée !! C’était magique !!!!"

- Y. -

"Hender super gmacht! Danke 1000 fürd Iladig! ❤️  "

- Nici Faerber -

"Wow... what a weekend full of new buddies & friendships in such a happy place. You guys really gave your best in picking and decorating the place, what a line up, what a baumhaus... mucho merci"


- M. -

"Sooo gued 🙌😊❤️  "

- O. -

"Thanks to you and your team for the amazing party!  The venue and music were great and I met really nice people. I hope to hear about your next event!"

- A. -

"Danke für die super fete! sisch eifach grandios gsi. s'nächstmal bini gern chli früehener na debii."

- R. -

"Thank you for doing what you do!"

- S. -